Introducing… THEME MONTHS!



Starting this month, the Gizmoplex will be curating a different theme for each month of our season – from now until the end of Feb 2023 – which will connect our EPISODE PREMIERES, SPECIAL EVENTS and VAULT PICKS.

Intrepid Gizmoplex users may have already discovered that this month’s Vault Picks have been released, revealing that the Gizmoplex theme for May is…

To celebrate PESKY CRITTERS month, the Gizmoplex is hosting a special event (A Tribute to HOBGOBLINS, on Friday, May 13th) and premiering a new episode with one of the peskiest creatures yet (MUNCHIE, on Friday, May 27th).

Plus, this month’s official Vault Pick selections feature some of the peskiest critters and creatures Mystery Science Theater has ever seen:

  • Killer Shrews

  • King Dinosaur

  • Gamera

  • Pod People

  • Werewolf

  • Beginning of the End

Finally, even if you’ve seen these episodes before, you might want to check out the new Vault Picks versions. You’ll find some new bonus content in each of them, including new introductions and a few “hidden” extras, so be sure to check them out soon… because they’ll only be around until May ends!

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