Grab your go-bag and run for your lives!

This year’s Gizmoplex theme program continues with a new theme for July 2022, with this month’s NEW EPISODE PREMIERES and VAULT PICKS paying tribute to some of the biggest and baddest monsters ever to appear in MST3K experiments.

To celebrate MEGA MONSTER MONTH, the Gizmoplex is hosting three special livestream events: a TRIBUTE TO GAMERA vs GUIRON on Friday, July 8, the premiere of the all-new GAMERA vs JIGER on Friday, July 22, and a special, interactive MEGA MONSTER JACKBOX SHOWDOWN on either July 26 or 27 (final date TBA), where Team Crow and Team Servo will do epic battle to see who can make you laugh the loudest.

Plus, this month’s official Vault Pick selections will terrify you with the sheer magnitude of their monstrosity:

  • The Giant Gila Monster

  • Eegah

  • Gamera vs. Zigra

  • Gorgo

  • The Giant Spider Invasion

  • Devil Fish

Finally, even if you’ve seen these episodes before, you’ll still want to check out the new Vault Picks versions. You’ll find some new bonus content in each of them, including new introductions and a few “hidden” extras, so be sure to check them out soon… because they’ll only be around until July ends, and then they’re gone for good!

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