It’s November… or is it? Okay, yes, it actually is, but this month’s theme is NOTHING AS IT SEEMS so you can hardly blame us for questioning everything. 

On November 11, at 8pm ET / 5pm PT, JOEL ROBINSON RETURNS! Again! This time, Joel and the bots watch as an innocent couple wanders into an eerie town trapped under a clear dome, whose residents seem drugged or otherwise incapacitated. You’ll wish you were incapacitated too, for the premiere of Episode 1312: THE BUBBLE.

Then, hang out after the premiere for a live post-show discussion with our cast, as we debate the worst movie ever to appear on MST3K.

On November 24, starting at 4AM PT/7 AM ET join us for an annual holiday tradition: The Turkey Day Marathon! Yes, we know this is an early start time, but this year’s marathon is longer than ever with TEN EPISODES, four of which were voted on by you, the MST3K community.

Consider this your invitation to Save the Date – we will have more specifics for you later in the month. But trust us, it’s going to be a big burly Turkey Day this year.

Plus, prepare to be disoriented! This month’s GIZMOPLEX VAULT PICKS feature stories in which reality doesn’t feel quite right. If you’ve got an active Member Pass, the following November picks are available now in your Gizmoplex Library:

  • Rocket Attack USA

  • Night of the Blood Beast

  • Time of the Apes

  • Village of the Giants

  • Monster A-Go-Go

  • Bloodlust

As always, each Vault Pick includes all-new introductions and outros, plus a few more hidden surprises, so be sure to watch – maybe with a friend, and with the lights on. Remember: you can find each month’s Vault Picks as part of your Gizmoplex Member Pass, if you have one. 

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