There are many ways to watch your favorite MST3K episodes! On DVD - Shout! Factory has released dozens of DVD sets available for purchase. Download - Vimeo and Amazon offer individual episodes for purchase. Streaming - Watch episodes on Shout! Factory TV, the Official MST3K YouTube Channel, Pluto.TV and more. Season 11 will be streaming on Netflix starting April 14th, 2017. On TV - Some channels, including Comet TV, air classic MST3K episodes. Check your local listings for details.

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The show was created by Joel Hodgson, who was also the first host.

The various cast members of MST3K have been very busy with many great projects! Mike, Kevin and Bill have been hard at work on Rifftrax. Trace and Frank regularly perform live comedy shows together. Josh has had a great career of writi ng, producing and performing comedy. Mary Jo has kept busy writing segments for NPR and collaborating with Rifftrax among many other comedic pursuits. And of course Joel has been spending much of his time bringing MST3K back with new episodes!