Fan Friday: Bridget (@DrawFour) - Mystery Science Theater 3000

By "Weird Evan" Brown | October 6, 2017
Fan Friday: Bridget (@DrawFour) - Mystery Science Theater 3000


This Fan Friday we salute a MSTie who has been an absolute knitting machine ever since Season 11 debuted. Her name is Bridget (follow her and see her creations on Twitter as @DrawFour) and she's been showing off homemade MST3K clothing creations that have gotten attention far and wide on the web. Here she is posing with Chris Hardwick in her epic MST3K sweater:



Bridget also knitted a JOIKENAH hat (adding Jonah to the fabled JOIKE sweater design), some dancing Servos and even a Cry Wilderness raccoon hat for the Tom Servo Funko Pop figure.



But she doesn't just knit! Recently, Bridget expanded her horizons to poodle skirts (paired, of course, with her homemade Waverly cardigan).



Keep up your crafty great work, Bridget! Can't wait to see what you come up with next.