#MakeMoreMST3K Was a Success! Thirteen New Episodes Coming In the New Season

| June 29, 2021
#MakeMoreMST3K Was a Success! Thirteen New Episodes Coming In the New Season

WE DID IT! Mystery Science Theater 3000 will be returning for a 13th season thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign helmed by series creator and former host Joel Hodgson, and supported by legions of devoted fans.

The campaign, which concluded on Friday, May 7, raised over $6.5 million in 30 days. This will allow Hodgson to produce 13 episodes of the show, including the series’ first 3-D episode, 12 new short film riffs, and build “the Gizmoplex,” a new virtual theater and online community hub that will be the exclusive home of the next season for its initial run. The Gizmoplex will use a direct-to-fan distribution model, an idea that’s been requested by MSTies frequently and emphatically.  

"When we decided that Kickstarter was our best chance at making more MST3K without a network, we hoped that some of our backers would join up again... but we never dreamed that the response would be even bigger the second time around. We're so humbled and grateful and deliriously happy to be making more MST3K for the people who love it most, and can't wait to get started on Season 13," Hodgson said, adding, "Now we just have to make sure The Mads come through on building the Gizmoplex. I guess we'll wire all the funds to them this afternoon and hope for the best?"

MST3K’s next season will feature the return of Felicia Day as Kinga Forrester and Patton Oswalt as the evil henchman Max, a.k.a TV’s Son of TV’s Frank, as well as the entire cast from seasons 11 and 12. Jonah Ray will return as host alongside Baron Vaughn as Tom Servo, Hampton Yount as Crow T. Robot and Rebecca Hanson as GPC 1 aboard The Satellite of Love. 

But there’s also a new, second cast in season 13: MST3K LIVE’s Emily Marsh will join the series as host alongside MST3K LIVE’s Conor McGiffin as Tom Servo, Nate Begle as Crow T. Robot, and Yvonne Freese as GPC 2 and Mega Synthia. Original series cast members Mary Jo Pehl and J. Elvis Weinstein will be appearing in the new season, and Hodgson is also confirmed to host two episodes next season, reprising his original role as test subject Joel Robinson, the character he played in the first five seasons of the series, during its run on Comedy Central. 

For a few more weeks, late pledges are still being accepted from anyone who missed out during the Kickstarter campaign; sign up here to make a late pledge, and to get notified when the final rewards selections must be locked in. 

We’ll see you at the Gizmoplex!