Moon Logo Ornament - Mystery Science Theater 3000

By "Weird Evan" Brown | October 24, 2018
Moon Logo Ornament - Mystery Science Theater 3000

We know, we know... You're still in Halloween mode, and rightfully so! But a new addition to the MST3K Store has us feeling festive for the upcoming holiday season!

Make it a Patrick Swayze Christmas with this slick MST3K moon ornament. Perfect for fending off aggressive Martians and saving a Christmas that almost wasn't, or simply for adding some MSTie festiveness to your tree, this beauty could be your regular Saturday Night in December thing.

You can pre-order it right now here.

In other news, on this day 25 years ago, Joel endured his final experiment on the Satellite of Love when Mitchell aired. Neither MSTies nor Joe Don Baker were ever the same again.