MST3K Monday: Fashion Edition - Mystery Science Theater 3000

By "Weird Evan" Brown | May 29, 2017
MST3K Monday: Fashion Edition - Mystery Science Theater 3000


We're well aware that MSTies tend to be very on top of fashion trends. No one pulls off jumpsuits at conventions nearly as successfully as you do, after all. So it's probably not news when we remind you that the rules nay, laws of fashion dictate that the only stretch of time when wearing white is acceptable is between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

We would divulge exactly why this is, but again that would be preaching to the choir. You know the importance of this decree. You wouldn't dare wear white outside the designated time frame. But just in case you are one of the uninitiated, it is our duty to inform you that it is now socially acceptable to throw on those crisp, white uniforms like Kinga and Max here.

Of course, the evil underlords don these bright uniforms at the end of every Season 11 episode. You have been watching Season 11 on Netflix, right?

Oh, who are we kidding? This choir clearly needs no preaching.