Red Hot Ricochet Press Roundup: Gauntlet Edition - Mystery Science Theater 3000

By "Weird Evan" Brown | November 30, 2018
Red Hot Ricochet Press Roundup: Gauntlet Edition - Mystery Science Theater 3000

Have you made it through The Gauntlet yet? We know some of you have already conquered the challenge multiple times over, but in case you needed extra incentive to watch the new season on Netflix, here's a roundup of some great articles and reviews.



“in its 2018 installment, MST3K is just as silly, dumb, and delightful as ever…. The Gauntlet is confident to exist in its own world. It’s a season that’s surer and as a result funnier than the one before.”



“[a] revival that grows more confident with each season. Jonah’s finding a strong dynamic with the Bots, the riffs are tighter, and the shorter episode order allows for a more eclectic (if uneven) batch of enjoyably bad movies….they still spin comic gold from cinematic straw.”

Consequence Of Sound


“With its genius film picks, cameos by old characters, introductions of charming new ones, and a slew of callbacks to running gags— Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Gauntlet was the rare season that mixed indulgent fan service with bold steps forward for the future of the franchise.”

The Young Folks


“This season of MST3K is just as funny as the last, with the new crew of the Satellite of Love once again capturing the comedic spirit that made MST3K a cult sensation that has lasted for 30 years.”

Fanboy Nation




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Interview: Running ‘The Gauntlet’ With ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’


Mystery Science Theater 3000 turns 30… and host Jonah Ray is going through ‘The Gauntlet’

WGN Radio


Joel Hodgson and Jonah Ray on Mystery Science Theater 3000 and their favorite fan tattoos

AV Club


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Jonah's Five Favorite Movie Punks


‘Gauntlet’ has been thrown by ‘MST 3000’ gang


Mystery Science Theater 3000: Jonah Ray previews The Gauntlet



TV Tidbits: 'Mystery Science Theater' celebrates another Thanksgiving with marathon