Twitch Marathon - Mystery Science Theater 3000

By Mystery Science Theater 3000 | June 27, 2017
Twitch Marathon - Mystery Science Theater 3000

Do you love MST3K? Do you like streaming free stuff online? Do you have six solid days of time to spare? Well then, the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Twitch marathon is just perfect for you!

To mark the debut of Shout! Factory TV's brand new Twitch channel, they're streaming an epic marathon of classic MST3K episodes, bonus features, shorts and more. It started this morning, but don't worry: it's going to last six days. Normally we recommend watching 100% of anything MST3K-related, but in this case we must advise you to occasionally sleep, take bathroom breaks and maybe even eat and spend time with people you care about.

In addition to the marathon, Amazon Video is putting their entire catalog of Mystery Science Theater episodes (for rent and for purchase) on sale! So there's a lot of good things happening for MSTies right now. It's because we love you so much!

Catch the Twitch marathon here:

Browse Amazon's catalog here: