Winter Merchandise Round-Up

| December 20, 2019
Winter Merchandise Round-Up

The days are shorter, the temperatures are lower, the ground is whiter. It can only mean one thing: winter is upon us!

But the winter doldrums don't have to come along with the season, and MST3K can help you stay warm and toasty through the chilly weather and snow squalls. We're just going to assume that more time in the warm indoors means more MST3K episodes watched (may we suggest our new 24/7 Twitch channel?), but we can contribute to your coziness in more ways than just entertainment. Here are a few key items from the MST3K Store that can help you stay snug this winter and beyond.



First, let’s start with some clothing. Our moon logo beanie will keep your noodle warm as you come in from the cold of a brutal Minnesota winter.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to layer up with...



This Robot Roll Call zip hoodie is an excellent way to add a warm layer to your winter attire and to wear your favorite robot friends on your back.




As you cozy on into the couch, wrap yourself in luxury with our two plush blankets. These popular items are oversized, incredibly soft and ready to cradle you as you watch cheesy movies. Choose from silhouette and Robot Roll Call varieties.




Once you’re properly layered, you’ll want to pour yourself a steaming hot cup of — well anything, really. Cocoa? Tea? Coffee? Hot canned wassail? It’s all fair game when you use one of our many fine mugs, like the Mads mug set or the Bots mug set. Also available are "I Should Really Just Relax" mugs and Gizmonic/Bonehead mug sets.




If you feel the need to accomplish something as you watch the Satellite of Love crew in action, you can easily while away the hours with our 1,000-piece puzzle featuring the gorgeous poster art of The Gauntlet. If you’re not feeling warm and fuzzy at this point, it might be time to throw another log on the fire.