It's a Madhouse!

Mike, Servo, and Crow encounter Professor Bobo when they return to Earth 500 years too late. Check out more of our MST3K videos or buy the DVD at:

Since the dawn of recorded history, sacred texts have inspired intellectuals to enlighten the rest of us through their commentaries. To a certain, special kind of person – and if you’re buying this 25th collection of MST3K, pal, you’re one of them – cheesy movies are sacred texts. And who better to help us navigate the occult meanings of B-movies’ holiest scriptures than space captives Joel, Mike and their robot companions Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot? Their running commentaries allow us to laugh at inscrutable plots, painful performances and felonious filmmaking. Here, for the funniest study session you’ll ever have, are four more movies unearthed from the ancient caves of Hollywood as interpreted by the long-suffering scholars aboard the Satellite of Love.