Look! Up in the sky! It’s.. oh. Wait. Nevermind.
AUGUST 2022 is…


This year’s Gizmoplex themed programming continues with a new lineup for August 2022, as this month’s NEW EPISODE PREMIERES and VAULT PICKS pay tribute to some of the least heroic champions and unqualified heroes ever to grace the Satellite of Love.

To celebrate NOT SO SUPERHERO MONTH, the Gizmoplex is hosting two special livestream events: a TRIBUTE TO PUMAMAN on Friday, August 5, and the premiere of the all-new unlicensed Mexican knock-off THE BATWOMAN, on Friday, August 19.

Plus, this month’s official Vault Pick selections will stun you with their feats of average and mediocre heroism:

  • Master Ninja

  • Master Ninja II

  • Fugitive Alien

  • Invasion of the Neptune Men

  • Prince of Space

  • The Wild World of the Batwoman

Finally, even if you’ve seen these episodes before, you’ll still want to check out the new Vault Picks versions. You’ll find some new bonus content in each of them, including new introductions and a few “hidden” extras, so be sure to check them out soon… because they’ll only be around until August ends, and then they’re gone for good!

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