What is the Gizmoplex?

Our new indie platform for new + classic MST3K.

After twelve seasons, over 200 episodes, three hosts, and three eventual cancellations, we’ve realized we don’t need a network to make new MST3K: we just need you. So, with the help of a record-breaking Kickstarter in 2021, and our friends at Vimeo OTT, we’ve launched our own platform and made a new season.

New MST3K: every other week, all year long.

Beginning in May 2022, the Gizmoplex will host livestream premieres for brand-new MST3K episodes and shorts, plus a series of special events, every two weeks until the end of February 2023… and for now, the Gizmoplex is the only place to see all of the new MST3K goodness. Here’s how.

Every classic episode: Free. On demand. No ads.

No membership required! All Gizmoplex visitors can stream every available classic episode: for free, on demand, and without ads until 2023! That’s more than 150 classic episodes and shorts from Seasons 1-10, available 24-7-365!

New + classic MST3K with DRM-free downloads.

Want to see the Netflix-era Season 11: The Return and Season 12: The Gauntlet, or the brand-new Season 13: The Gizmoplex? Rent or buy them in the Gizmoplex Video Store. Once you purchase an episode, it’s yours to stream 24/7 or download, DRM-free, forever.

Available via web, apps, and our new Virtual Theater.

The Gizmoplex is available on the web at gizmoplex.com, or through our brand-new apps for iOS, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, and Amazon FireTV. Plus, you’ll also get beta access to our super-retro point-and-click “Virtual Theater,” which brings the full cineplex experience into your home.

Free to everyone: no subscription required!

With a free Gizmoplex account, you can…

  • Stream every available episode from Seasons 1-10 for free
  • Rent episodes from Seasons 11-13
  • Buy episodes from all seasons and download them, DRM-free!
  • Buy tickets to attend individual livestream events + premieres
  • Use the website, apps, and Virtual Theater

Ready to check it out?