How to Visit the Gizmoplex

Choose your favorite flavor.

If you’ve got a web browser, you’ve got a Gizmoplex! Just head over to our “traditional” streaming site at Also supports Apple AirPlay and Google Chromecast streaming to your TV!

MST3K Gizmoplex Apps

With some help from our partners at Vimeo OTT, the Gizmoplex is now available through apps for your iOS, Android, Apple tvOS, Android TV, Roku, and Amazon fireTV devices!

Virtual Theater (Under Construction – Re-launching October 2023)

Now you can watch the Gizmoplex from inside the Gizmoplex! Explore the First Cineplex on the Moon™ as seen in Season 13! Watch new and classic MST3K in your private screening bunker, attend live events in the Kingadome, browse the Backer Atrium, shop in the Video Store, and more!

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