January is TECH RUN AMOK Month!

If one of your resolutions was to spend more time in the Gizmoplex, we have some fresh events, brand new shorts, and Vault Picks this month that will make that an easy promise to keep! 

On Friday, January 6, at 8pm ET / 5pm PT, the Kingadome will be hosting the MST3K Winter Festival of Shorts – including a new short riff premiere! One of these shorts will be an all-new take on an old favorite, but we won’t say more here lest we spoil the surprise. 

And on Friday, January 20, at 8pm ET / 5pm PT, as part of TECH RUN AMOK Month, we will be paying tribute to Overdrawn at the Memory Bank with a riff-along featuring members of our current cast!

Remember, you can join these events with your GIZMOPLEX MEMBER PASS, if you have one, or by buying a ticket to individual shows.

If you don’t have a Member Pass and you missed any of our previous events, they’re all available to rent or buy.  

And if you’d rather just see the new episodes, without all the livestream bells and whistles? You can rent or buy each season 13 episode here as they are released. 

Plus, this month’s VAULT PICKS feature episodes about technology spiraling out of control! If you’ve got an active Member Pass, the following January picks are available now in your Gizmoplex Library:

  • First Spaceship on Venus

  • The Atomic Brain

  • Robot Holocaust

  • Blood Waters of Dr Z

  • War of the Colossal Beast

  • The Amazing Transparent Man

As always, each Vault Pick includes all-new introductions and outros, plus a few more hidden surprises. Remember: you can find each month’s Vault Picks as part of your Gizmoplex Member Pass, if you have one.

Got a Gizmoplex Pass? 

You’ll find these Vault Picks waiting in your member collection now! 

Not a Gizmoplex Member yet? 

You can still join in time for TECH RUN AMOK month!

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